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All About Sandals For Women

Sandals For WomenEverything You Didn’t Know You Wanted to Know About Sandals: Flats, Platforms, and Heels

When the summer sun is directly overhead, one of the best ways to beat the heat is to wear the classic summer shoe: the sandal! Sandals are open shoes that afford the feet some breathing room, and normally consist of a sole held to the foot by straps that pass over the instep and around the ankle. Sandals within themselves are historic because they are the oldest known forms of footwear, and can be traced back to the times of the ancient Greeks and the ancient Egyptians. In fact, the oldest known shoes that have been found to date are a pair of 10,000 year-old sandals that were found in Fort Rock Cave in Oregon. With the distinction of being the precursor to all of today’s modern shoes, it’s understandable how the sandal has diversified to encompass numerous new footwear trends, including flat sandals, platform sandals, and heel sandals!

Dominate the Scene in a Pair of Trendy Gladiator Flats

The epitome of comfort, sandals have protected humans’ feet for over 10,000 years. The most historic sandals were flat, and the flat style continues to be popular today, in part because of the added comfort of walking parallel to the ground rather than at an angle. It is medically suggested after wearing heels a majority of the week to allow your feet to relax by wearing a flat shoe, and what better type of shoe to wear than a women’s flat sandal? One of the most popular trends this season in women’s flat sandals is the gladiator sandal. Guess’s Succeed 3 gladiator-styled sandal boasts leather interlocking ankle- and side-straps to decorate your foot and perfect any summer outfit!

Look Trendy for a Night Out in Platform Sandals

Though not quite as comfortable as flat sandals, women’s platform sandals offer another unique niche in the sandal world. Platform sandals, or sandals in which the sole of the shoe is raised (sometimes in addition to the heel of the shoe) can allow those of us who have a harder time balancing in stilettos to add some height without falling over. The extra support of a raised sole can help maintain balance when you’re out on the dance floor, while still giving you the appearance of wearing a high heel. Martinez Valero’s Ola-S platform sandal offers a 4 ½ inch heel combined with a 1 inch platform, as well as an adjustable ankle strap and black satin straps with a dazzling center cutout that oozes glamorous sophistication. These platform sandals will definitely show off your feet (and your outfit)!

Boast Your Assets with Heel Sandals

Looking for a way to elongate your legs and accentuate your assets? Look no further than a pair of women’s heel sandals! While less comfortable than the other variations of sandals, heel sandals can provide more comfort than women’s pumps while still adding height and looking great! Many heel sandals resemble flat and platform sandals in that they are strappy and yet open, allowing air to flow over the feet. A very chic heel sandal for this summer is the Betsey Johnson Lavant sandal, which features a pink T-strap and ankle buckle, a grey suede ankle strap, and a yellow sole. The fun colors accent the shoe and can be incorporated into any trendy summer outfit!

Keep Your Style in Step With Sandals this Summer!

Sandals, man’s first shoe, live on with vivacity year after year! This simple shoe, with its strappy and airy design, provides comfort and protection for your foot (and sometimes even a splash of color)! Whether a flat sandal, a platform sandal, or a sandal with a heel, all sandals are versatile enough to be either dressed up or dressed down, depending on your particular occasion. Celebrate the sandal as a much-loved part of your wardrobe: it’s been here since the beginning of time, and it’s unlikely to decrease in popularity anytime soon!


Choosing the Right Sandals for Your Outfit

Right Sandals for Your OutfitA big mistake that people make when wearing sandals is not making sure that their footwear compliments their outfit. This is a huge mistake because wearing the wrong sandals can completely sabotage your look. In the converse, choosing the right sandals can actually add life to an outfit. So, how do you choose the right sandals? There are essentially three points to consider when selecting a pair of sandals to wear with an outfit.

Match the Occasion

Probably the most significant concern when selecting a pair of sandals is the occasion. Ladies know that they shouldn’t wear a pair of flip flop sandals with an evening gown, and men should be way too familiar with the faux pas of wearing socks with sandals. What may not appear so obvious is that casual beach shoes, such as Adidas sandals, are not appropriate with business casual khakis. A pair of brown Hushpuppies, however, is suitable for a men’s business casual work outfit.

For men, the key to knowing how to select the most suitable pair of sandals for the occasion is to consider the material. Leather sandals are more appropriate for less casual occasions while rubber soles or Velcro closures are the materials of choice for moderately casual affairs.

Match the Style

Women have a more difficult time determining what style of sandals is appropriate for an occasion because material is not typically a distinguishing characteristic of their sandals. When considering the styles of sandals that will work best for an outfit, women may want to consider the style of the outfit. The heel of sandals is generally what differentiates the styles of sandals for women. Dress kitten heel sandals are versatile while high heel dress sandals are more suitable for dresses. Other dressy sandal styles for women include peep toe sandals, platform sandals, and slingback sandals. These styles are soft and feminine in appearance and feature a delicate heel. Baby Phat flip flop sandals and flat sandals by Clarks sandals do not have a heel. These styles are more fitting for jeans, shorts, or other casual outfits.

Match the Color

A final sandal selection method for an outfit is color. Women have so many choices when it comes to sandal color. It is also common to find sandals for women with several colors, such as Ecco sandals and the very unique sandal styles by Etnies.

At one time, sandals for men were mostly earthy in nature, such as brown or tan dress sandals. While these colors are still prevalent in dress sandals for men, there are now more colorful varieties for men. Timberland offers a colorful selection of dress sandals, including cognac and griege dress sandals. A word of caution is necessary for men when matching their outfit to their sandals. Before branching out into the newer more colorful sandals, men should also consider the occasion.

Sandals A Quick Look

Sandals A Quick LookFor some a pair of sandals is the most comfortable footwear. They wear it to the beach, to the office and even to parties! This is possible because of the sheer variety of sandals that are available today at the shoe store or online. You can find them in various hues and shades and in designs that are a pleasing to the eye. However, in order to wear sandals to occasions, you must make sure that it is appropriate and suitable for that particular occasion and your outfit. Sandals also come in different materials and you can find a suitable one like leather for casual occasions.

Although sandals are usually flat, you do have sandals with heels or platform heels. There are different styles of sandals such as kitten heel ones, platform sandals, peep-toe sandals as well as sling-back ones. The more typical flat sandals are great with shorts or jeans and t-shirt. With so many colors and designs to choose from, matching your sandals to your outfit should be very easy. Sandals are also perfect for the summer months or to go to the beach. You can find them in plastic so that they are washable and can be worn without a problem on the beach. They are airy and give your feet plenty of breathing room. For the fashionista, there are the gladiator sandals. They are trendy and the interlocking multi-straps really give it a fashionable twist. Another version of the sandals is the platform sandals.

These are a great alternative to stilettos and you feel you have more balanced support because of the raised platform heels. Even brides are opting to wear sandals for their wedding ceremony. With choices ranging from clear sandals, wedge sandals and satin sandals to name a few, the bride will have the perfect footwear. There are also sandals that can be dyed so that the fabric of the sandals will be a perfect match to the wedding dress. For those who are thinking of a beach or garden wedding, what better footwear than a pair of bride sandals. They come with diamantes, rhinestone, straps and all sorts of embellishments.

The sandals can show off your well-manicured toes for the entire world to see and admire. Some brides have sandals on stand-by such as wedge sandals or comfortable heeled sandals to slip into after the ceremony. During the summer months, lots of people wear sandals for their comfort. Sandals can be worn for casual shopping or visiting your friends. They are a great choice for casual outings or for barbecues. Choose simple, straightforward, comfortable ones for casual occasions and have some dressy ones that you can wear with your less casual clothes. Some sandals are also great to wear with your work wear and make it easy to walk around in.

In fact, doctors recommend wearing sandals more often than heeled shoes especially stilettos. Although stilettos are sexy and have an allure about them, constant walking in these stilettos can cause back pain as well as other symptoms. Sandals are a great alternative to them and everyone should have several pairs of different sandals in their collection. You will never tire of them and you will be glad you have them when you see how good they can look with your outfits.

Trendy Leather Sandals For The Summer Season

Trendy Leather SandalsSeeing that summer’s practically upon us, it is actually time for you to set aside those hefty wintertime shoes and boots and flaunt your feet wearing a stylish set of new sandals. Here are a few recommendations regarding how to pick new sandals for the summer season.

Fashionable Women Sandals For This Summer

Take into account the places you’re going to be dressed in them. In the event that you will be making use of these new sandals in your place of work, select a more conventional pair in a fairly neutral tone or shade together with a minimum of a one or two inch high heels. Flat sandals happen to be far too informal for workplace attire. Some sort of basic color or perhaps a dark color can give some flexibility and look right for the office look. Wear the blinged out jeweled sandals for the purpose of evening hours as well as informal occasions.

Trendy Women Shoes That Show Off Your Feet

Sandals happen to be almost any footwear in which reveal the actual toes as well as most of the feet, the sandal is without a doubt kept on through some type of strap as well as clips or fasteners. New sandals will differ from the majority of everyday styles of footwear from thongs to trendy sandals with the help of high heels along with other embellishments. However wedge footwear are now and again grouped as sandals in retail stores and in internet online stores many of them belong to a class of a different type.

Clean Women Leather Sandals And Make Them Look Like New

Sandals, a fashionable as well as awesome kind of shoes, are available in quite a few designs, for instance wedges, thongs (flip flops) and gladiator sandals. Every one of these varieties enables your toes to generally be revealed, this results in your sandals in getting dirty because of the open shoe design. Feet that sweat will make sandals actually dingier and dirtier. Sooner or later, nearly all sandals receive filthy foot bottoms which may have unattractive toe images. You will find straightforward methods for you to thoroughly clean the sandals. Leather-based sandals as well as sandals that contain stones or metal adornments glued on require particular maintenance and proper care.

Routinely washing and taking care of your leather sandals will certainly extend the life of the new sandal. Regardless of whether ones sandals happen to be natural leather or perhaps suede, elegant or perhaps informal, slip on or have straps, they really are vulnerable in collecting grime on the streets as well as stench from your very own foot. If you are conscientious with your shoes, clean the feet routinely, and spend a couple of minutes every thirty days washing the sandals, your sandals will appear new and smell new for quite some time.

Blisters From Women’s Summer Sandals

It truly is common for brand new sandals to induce irritating blisters which will eventually develop on your own soft feet. Actually, virtually any completely new footwear is likely to achieve this. This is really because brand new footwear are nevertheless relatively firm and not very flexible on your feet, which causes regions of the footwear to chafe backwards and forwards against your feet while you move and eventually develops into an annoying blister. It typically takes several days or a few weeks for new sandals to loosen up and be flexible enough to end the blister problem.


Tips for Shopping for Sandals

Shopping for SandalsThere are many reasons to buy sandals. Sandals are generally comfortable to wear, are easy to manage (you can usually just put them on and go), promote foot health, and can add fun and excitement to your outfit. Unless someone does the shopping for you (not a good idea), there is no getting around shopping for sandals. The tips listed below can help make the activity as productive as possible, so that you end up with a pair of sandals that are just perfect for you.

The Basics

You shouldn’t consider shopping for sandals a mindless activity that requires no forethought. You are going to spend your hard-earned money, so it is only fitting that you put some thought in shopping for sandals. The following are the very least you should do when shopping for sandals:

-Schedule sufficient time. Plan to spend some quality time looking for sandals. Rushing through the selection process can result in you ending up with a pair of sandals that will not provide you the most benefit and use.

-Shop in the afternoon. Our feet swell as the day progresses, so for the best fit you shouldn’t try on sandals before noon.

-Browse several different styles. It is always a good idea to try on several pair of sandals, even if you fall in love with the first pair.

-Try before you buy. Make sure you actually try on sandals before you buy them. Shoes tend to look different on your feet than when they are on the shelf.

-Get approval from your doctor, if necessary. People with certain health conditions, such as diabetes, have special concerns for their feet and should obtain approval from their health care practitioner before buying sandals. The doctor may also recommend a specific type of sandal.

Shop for Use

While you are having fun browsing through the different styles, keep how you plan to use the sandals in mind. This is especially true if you want to wear multi-purpose sandals. Sandals are designed with various distinguishing characteristics. Some high heel dress sandals are suitable for minimal walking. Many beach sandals, such as flip flops, offer very little ankle support. Sport sandals tend to have more support features. Realizing these differences can help you determine what style will work best for you.

When considering where you are planning to wear the sandals, color is also a factor to think about. For example, if you are planning to buy a single pair of sandals, you probably should choose a neutral shade. Sandals in shades of brown, black, and navy tend to go with a wider selection of colors.

Don’t Forget Comfort

With all the appealing styles available, it’s easy to be drawn to sandals that are most attractive on your feet. While good looks are important in a sandal, you should not neglect to consider the level of comfort. The sole of the sandal is important because it offers the main support for your foot. It is recommended that the sole of your sandal is wider than your foot. Birkenstock sandals are designed with a thicker sole and are just brand of sandals that offer significant comfort features.


Reef Fanning Sandals

Reef Fanning SandalsDo you want groovy looking sandals that represent your fashion style? Women not only wear sandals but men absolutely love wearing them as well. You can find many masculine styles such as leather sandals, and even pairs with wide straps which define your feet. If you want to pick up a sandal that is popular on the beach, we recommend Reef Fanning Sandals. This, indeed is a wonderful pair of sandals that any guy would enjoy wearing. When walking along the beach, you are bound to have people running over to you just to ask where you got these insanely cool flip flop sandals.

The Reef Fanning Sandals have proven to be a big hit among many surfers and other beach visitors. In fact, they are one of the top selling sandals out there. If you want a shoe that introduces stability and comfort, the Fanning Sandals is definitely for you. They were actually designed with a foot bed which is contoured to match the arch of your foot. The reason why most sandals are uncomfortable is because they are not durable, meaning that they are stiff when you walk. When wearing these types of flip flops, you are bound to have foot problems. Reef knows this and that’s why they created a high quality sandal for the needs of beach goers. These sandals contain a 360 degree air bag at the heel as well. Their leading feature is the footbed bottle opener. Once your friends notice this unique feature, they will definitely want to get a pair of the Reef Fanning Sandals!

What is the style of the Fanning Sandals?

The Reef sandals come in three different styles such as multicolor, black and white. The first sandal available is all black with some multicolor straps (beach colors) and it has the Reef logo within the bottom of the sandal. Also, another identical logo sits at the top of the sandal, directly over the strap. Sport these brand names and you’ll be the center of attention in no time! Moving onto the next shoe sandal, we have the all black and grey colored sandal. If you look closely, the material has a tiny checkered pattern and these are mainly to grip your feet easily. Once again, the logo is white and sitting at the top of the thong and the bottom. The white Reef Fanning Sandals is a favorite to those who love having a flip flop style with contrast. For example, it is all white material with gray and black straps to make it stand out.

Brief History of The Wedge Heel Shoe for Women

Wedge Heel ShoeThe wedge heel shoe for women made its debut in the world of fashion in 1938. It was originally designed and created by the Italian shoe designer, Salvatore Ferragamo, who became well-known for his visionary and classic designs in women’s shoes. Farragamo gained his reputation as a shoe and boot designer in the film industry in the 1920’s. As a result of his innovative designs and the quality of his shoes, he was commissioned by both male and female film stars to make shoes for both on-screen performances and personal use. Because of the popularity of his shoes in Hollywood, he became known as “Shoemaker to the Stars”.

Although his shoes were popular amongst the hollywood elite, they were not comfortable. To solve this problem, he enrolled in the Los Angeles University to pursue studies in anatomy, mathematics and chemical engineering. He applied his studies to the design of his shoes and broke away from the way shoes were traditionally made and designed, and began making his shoes, both innovative in design and comfortable to wear. The popularity of his shoes expanded internationally, but the overwhelming demand for his shoes and the inability to meet that demand without the aid of qualified personnel, forced him to returned to Italy. Upon finding qualified personnel in Florence, one of the centers of the Italian shoe industry, he opened a shop of his own and began to expand the production of his shoes.

In the late 1930’s, a shortage of leather and rubber, traditional materials used in shoe making, developed due to the war. Ferragamo began experimenting with non-tradition materials such as straw, felt, cork and wood and incorporate them in designing his brand of shoes. As a result of his experimenting with these non-traditional materials, he created his most noted designs, the wedge and cage heel shoe. He produced the wedge heel with wood or cork as the platform support of the shoe. The cork platform became the most popular because of its lightness in weight and durability. Women, of his era, found the wedge heel much easier to walk in than shoes with a narrower heel and bought this style of shoe, not only for its style but for its support of the foot and the comfort it afforded in walking. Within 2 years of its introduction to the world of fashion, the wedge heel became a classic and popular design in women’s shoes internationally.

His original design of the wedge heel made no distinction between the heel and the rest of the shoe, except for the back and the instep of the foot being elevated above the toe of the shoe. It offered a triangular platform on which the food rested that extended from the heel of the foot to the middle or the front of the foot. Today the original design of both his platform and regular wedge heel shoe have evolved into a more defined heel on some styles, cut out platforms, straps and strapless shoes, with varied ornamentation. The wedge heel today offers more variety in colors and materials in is constructed with heels ranging from one inch to over 4 inches in height. Shoe sizes now run the gamut of small to extra large and women of different stature and walks of life wear this classic style of platform shoe for both style and comfort

The platform shoe has been worn in many culture’s, prior to the 20th century, but Farragamo’s innovative design of the wedge heel reintroduced the platform shoe to the world of fashion. His visionary ideas ranged from the bizarre to subtle designs worn everyday by women and served as inspiration for other footwear designers of his time. Today, his company is still known for its classic and visionary designs in women’s shoes.

The wedge heel shoe has become a classic and fashionable style of shoe for women of all ages and remains as popular as it was in the 1930’s. Whether Ferragamo’s intentions were to have his design of the wedge heel shoe extend into the different genres of shoe fashion or not, it has become a versatile shoe that can be worn with almost any style of clothing. Wedge heels, today, are sold as formal, dress and casual shoes. It is a shoe that has shown its continual defiance of fashion trends and has spanned the test of time.

Finding Perfect Women Shoes

Finding Perfect Women ShoesShoes are a staple in a woman’s wardrobe. You can never have enough shoes! You need shoes for each season of the year; you need shoes for different occasions; you need shoes to wear around the house; and you need shoes for every outfit. And no matter what your weight, you can always find a pair of shoes to make you feel wonderful and chase away the blues!

This article provides tips on finding your perfect shoes. Your perfect shoes will depend on a number of factors. Your body type decides what type of shoes you should avoid or prefer. Your clothes will help you select the best pair from what you have in the closet. You need to match shoes with occasion. You cannot wear the same shoes for to work and a party. Finally, if the shoes are not comfortable, it can create many problems for you in the long run.

Body Type and Your Shoes:

When you select shoes a few things depend on your body type and let’s discuss them first. For short women, the 2-3 inches heel shoes work best. Very high heels can make you look off balance. Use the rest of the outfit to elongate, by toning shoes to stockings and skirt or to socks and trousers. Match the tone of top to bottom for even more height. If you have thick ankles and heavy calves, sling backs are the most flattering style. Knee high boots are also nice choice. Shoes that are too chunky or too delicate will make your legs look heavier. Avoid square toes, stiletto heels, wedges and platforms. If you have thick calves, avoid mid calf boots. If you long feet, the pointy shoes will make your legs look longer. An oval or squared toe works best for such shoes. Shape of the heels should match the shape of your body. If you are heavy, a skinny stiletto will exaggerate your weight. Thicker heel style is better option.

Here are the few pointers on how to match clothes with shoes:

1. Very long and very short skirts look better with lower heels.

2. Narrow pants look best with lower heels.

3. The heavier the shoe, the more casual it becomes.

4. When worn with a skirt, a high cut shoe can make the leg appear heavier and shorter. Wear high cut shoes with pants.

5. Usually a shoe should be the same color family as your outfit, but not an exact match.

6. Black is too heavy for lighter tones outfit and cut the leg length

7. White shoes are very stark and create break in the line of your leg. Try cream or ivory.

7. You can elongate the appearance of your legs by matching the tone of the hose to shoes. Matching hose to a brightly colored shoe is too much color and opt for skin colored hose.

Comfortable Shoes

Shoes comfort depends on three primary factors: the fitting, design, and material.

Fitting: When you buy a few pair of shoes, we know what size fits us well for different shoes brands. I would suggest to pay attention to both the size and the width of the shoes. For example, try 7B versus the 7 1/2 A.

Design: Depending on your height, the recommenced heel height that will make you feel comfortable is different. In general shorter and heavier the person, it becomes difficult to wear heels above two inches. If you want to wear heels more than two inches, do it in moderation. The kitten heels and Louis heels are good options for high heels shoes.

Material :Shoes chose made of breathable material so your feet gets the oxygen it needs, soft and flexible fabrics and leather to allow it greater freedom of movement, and a flexible and cushioned sole.

Shoes comfort is important for all types of shoes. gives extra weight on comfort, quality, and performance for sports shoes as an inappropriate shoes can cause injury.

Trendy Shoe Styles

The most flattering shoe heels are the slim. While slim all around is best, you can have some width when looking at it from the back and still achieve leg-lengthening effect. A tapered toe gives the slimmest look. If pointed toes are too uncomfortable, look for an oval or squared off shape. Thin sole creates the most slimming shoe. When looked at from the side, the sole should be thin no more than an eighth of an inch.

How to Choose the Right Dance Shoes For Females

Right Dance Shoes For FemalesDancers need good shoes on the dance floor. This is especially true for female dancers. Whether you are a Salsa, Swing, Ballroom or Latin dancer, you need good quality dance shoes. So, what makes a shoe good for dancing? First of all, dance shoes have to be light and flexible. You don’t want your shoe to impede your motion while dancing. Dance shoes usually have extra sole cushioning for comfort and should be perfectly fitted to the feet,

Choosing the Right Dance Shoes:

Each dance usually requires a specific type of dancing shoe. Male Ballroom and Salsa dancers typically go for low heeled shoes made out of leather or suede. Latin Ballroom dancers need shoes that have heels as high as one and a half inches. Female Latin and Salsa dancers need to don shoes with an open toe heel or sandals with straps. This is essential because such dance requires exquisite movement of the toes. On the other hand, female Swing and Ballroom dancers often opt for closed-toe shoes with lower heels.

The Types of Straps

1. Traditional Ankle Strap:Shoes with ankle straps are used by women of all ages. However, it is unsafe to wear these shoes on a dance floor.

2. T-Strap:Shoes with T-straps are good for relieving pressure off the ankle. Foot is secured more evenly because the t-strap is connected to the shoe’s base.

3. X-Strap: Shoes with X-straps secure your foot to the shoe firmly. You can go for shoes with X-strap around the ankle or around the arch. You can also use double X-strap shoes for better grip on the dance floor.

Size Of The Shoe Heels:

The range of heel sizes goes from half an inch to 4 inches with 2 to 3 inches being the most common heel heights. Dancers are well aware that a half inch difference in their heels from their usual height could alter their performance. Beginners are usually advised to use shoes with heels as short as two and a half inches.

Like its height, heels can also be of different thickness. For those looking for better comfort and balance, the thick but low heels is the ideal one. A low but thick heel helps distribute your body weight more evenly on your feet.

Salsa dancers of today are often seen wearing stiletto which is a skinny type of heel. Another popular skinny heel is the flare heel although it is wider at the bottom than the stiletto heel.

Size of The Shoes:

The size of the dance shoes is typically the same as the size of your other shoes. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. dancers with narrow feet should go for dance shoes which are slightly smaller than their normal shoes. Conversely, dancers with wider feet should go for shoes that are slightly bigger than their normal size of shoes. This would make the shoes fit in your feet properly and avoid any pain during the dance.

A good quality pair of dance shoes could is usually priced between $80 and $150. If you want to look at different options, then the best place to start your search is the internet. Check out different varieties of dance shoes and choose the one that will suit your feet as well as budget.

Shoe Organizers That Can Handle Your Entire Footwear Collection

Shoe OrganizersIf you’re noticing shoes taking over your home, perhaps it’s time to organize. Whether you live by the idea that one can never have too many or you’ve grown weary of tripping over shoes the second you walk through the door of your home, it may be time to purchase one of the many shoe organizers that can handle your entire footwear collection.

Perhaps you’re looking for your first shoe organizer or want to peruse other space-saving solutions. Nevertheless, the market has become glutted with hundreds, if not thousands of shoe organizers – some good, others less capable. To help you on your quest for the perfect one, here you’ll find a list of products that will prove well-built, easily assembled and easy to use, sleek and stylish. Each organizer listed will help your handle your entire footwear collection, however big or small.

Smart Shoe Cubbies and Cubes

Shoe cubbies and cubes come in many shapes, sizes and materials. Depending on your amount of available space, you may need to go vertical. Perfect for apartments, for example, over the door or hanging shoe organizers can easily help you escape a messy maze of various shoes.

Perfect girls or women with a slight shoe problem, the pink Over the Door Shoe Organizer promises great organization and shoe protection. This fabric organizer has 24 polyester mesh pockets, which holds 12 pairs. Inexpensive but effective, this comes with over the door brackets for easy installation. You may also want to consider the perfectly pink, fabric Hanging Shoe Organizer with polyester mesh side pockets. Its sturdy steel frame hangs from any closet rod, serving as a perfect shoe organizing solution.

If the shoes in your bedroom are in order, but the rest of your house seems in disarray, you can now perfectly organize with Mud Room Bins, Shoe Cabinets or Doored Cubes.

Not only will Mud Room Bins organize your and your family’s shoes, they serve as a compliment to any furniture. Made of versatile melamine particle board, Mud Room Bins stack to accommodate not just shoes, but hats, gloves, sweaters, backpacks and more. Coming in a set of three bins, each has three angled cubbies, all total measuring a compact 25 1/2 by 11 1/2 by 9 ½ inches. Also made of melamine particle board, you’ll love Shoe Cabinets, many of which hold up to 12 pairs of shoes in single unit. Each Shoe Cabinet door pivots down for easy selection.

Perfect for an indoor/outdoor area or your garage, Doored Cubes, made of heavy duty PVC plastic, allow you to organize any shoe from a pair of boots to multiple pairs of flip flops in each cube. The Doored Cube will start, finely tune or put the finishing touches on any organized space in your home. Its interlocking system also allows you to custom design your space.

Shoe Racks to Handle Your Growing Footwear Collection

Let’s face it: even though you may already have too many shoes, this fact simply won’t stop you from buying more. Now, no need for buyer’s remorse as you can continue to build and organize your entire footwear collection with multi-pair racks. For example, the Multi-Pair Shoe Rack/Tower can fit anywhere from 20 pairs to 50 pairs. Not only is this easy to assemble, unlike others, it’s sturdy for any shoe box. Made of steel and polymer, each rack measures 10 inches deep.

Shoe Storage Cabinets Prove a Smart Storage Solution

Perfect for a smaller footwear collection, the One Tier Shoe Cabinet in black promises to store and discreetly conceal shoes and accessories. With a heavy duty 600D polymer cover, this shoe organizer’s sturdy steel resin frame will support your shoes and, as an added bonus, proves easy to assemble.

If you need an organizer that can grow with you and your family’s entire footwear collection, your best bet is Shoe Cabinets. Made of melamine laminated particle board, Shoe Cabinets can hold up to 12 pairs of shoes in a single cabinet.

Shoe Trees for Your Growing Footwear Collection

Are you looking for a smart storage solution to solve your unruly mess? Plant a tree rack in any room of your home.

Easy to use, well-built and convenient, you’ll love the luxury of a Revolving Chrome Shoe Organizer. This shoe organizer is made with chrome plated steel for durability. People love this particular organizer, as it organizes up to 18 pairs of shoes, off the floor, in less than a foot of space. This vertical, three-tier, circular rack revolves 360 degrees for accessing shoes on any side, and its special locks allow you to raise or lower levels based on shoe sizes.

Kiss your shoe storage troubles goodbye and pick out one of these great organizers now.